Debtor Finance from Brokers who want to grow with you.

We can provide you with consulting expertise in debtor finance before approaching banks.

Our thorough review of your debtors will make the difference in which lenders we approach, saving you time and effort in securing debtor finance.

This product is especially useful to businesses with a high or sporadic intake of new employees, stock or inventory, or with large customers who have extended payment terms. As specialised business finance brokers, we do our best work in supporting businesses looking to grow with long term partners they can depend on.

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We’ve had over a decade supporting our clients with their working capital needs. We understand the value of a quick and convenient overdraft, or the relief a debtor finance facility can provide. We have the consulting experience to help our clients review a competitor acquisition and consider what aspects within the deal can be supported by term debt, equipment finance, or working capital funding.

Ensuring each loan application we submit is of the highest standard, we make time by getting your applications right the first time. We put smart collaboration over a quick commission. Because every successful business generates more than just revenue — and our purpose is aligned with bigger ambitions.

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We’ve been supporting industry figures Trackworks Design Pty Ltd for roughly two years. We were introduced while they were in start up phase, and we’ve since supported them to finance several dozers and work vehicles, enabling their business to scale up and grow strong by partnering them with trustworthy financiers.
Hear it from our long term clients from McCauleys Cabinets. We have looked after their business financing since 2017 and play an integral role in sourcing equipment finance for their cabinetry workshop equipment. Through our trusted networks, we have since partnered them with reliable accountants, and been involved in their growth from one full time employee to fifty.

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Lenders are now considering your credit score when assessing your applications. Scores rank on a 0 to 1200 count, with 1200 being the best score you can maintain. A score between 700-1000 is generally the sweet spot for lenders to be satisfied, but a lower score won’t totally rule you out of a new loan. THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CREDIT SCORES:

Every application you place to a bank leaves a permanent “enquiry” on your records. Too many enquiries in a short space of time is likely to impact your score negatively, leading to difficulty obtaining finance from lenders or higher interest rates. THINGS TO LOOK OUT FOR: An inexperienced Broker might not approach the right bank for you the first time, potentially resulting in a loan application decline. As a workaround, they might then resort to ‘flooding’ your application to multiple lenders until they finally get you approved. This can burn your credit score, and it’s detrimental to getting support from financiers in future. OUR APPROACH: Machine Finance never formally submits any applications to lenders unless we have your permission and consent. We take the time to assess all of our clients thoroughly, so we know that the first lender we approach for you is the most likely to offer you an approval. It’s a matter of respect, and the reason why no one sets the standard higher than us.

Within the last decade, there has been a large uplift in private or boutique business funders coming to market offering secured and unsecured business lending products. Many of these funders allow quick or convenient access to ‘limits’ up to $500,000 or more, allowing you to draw cash from them at pricing that is still reasonably close to mainstream banks. We usually offer these products up as a more convenient alternative to approaching banks, because the need for them usually arises from an urgent scenario, and time becomes the critical factor. As Brokers, we know that securing secured and unsecured business lending from mainstream Banks takes time, and often requires the introduction of a specialist banker who might need to organise a face-to-face meeting and a couple of weeks to analyse your business financials before offering any approvals. Whilst we generally support (and prefer) to approach quality banks for our clients, this ‘eggs in one basket’ approach to one bank is often quite drawn out and can lead to disappointing outcomes. As a result, we only approach Banks for our clients if they have the time and motivation to let the process run its full course and wish to seek the full value out of doing this with the time available to do it. As your broker, we work hard to provide quality and ethical lenders that we are prepared to put our name next to. We will always take the time with you to provide all of the available options you can consider before formally submitting your applications. PSA: Unless you have spoken to a broker on the phone or met them in person, we strongly advise against submitting business lending applications through unvetted online advertisers, especially ones found on social media. These are sometimes scams seeking to steal your ID information, or alternatively when you apply, you may be placing a credit enquiry on your file and diminishing your credit score without realising.

Secured lending involves a borrower providing an asset as collateral for a loan. If the borrower fails to repay, the lender can take this asset. For example, in a home loan, the house is usually the collateral. This type of lending often has lower interest rates because the lender has a form of security. Unsecured lending, on the other hand, doesn't involve collateral. Instead, it relies on the borrower's creditworthiness. Examples include credit cards or personal loans. Since there's no asset for the lender to claim if the borrower defaults, these loans generally have higher interest rates. In essence, secured lending gives lenders a safety net in the form of an asset, while unsecured lending is based purely on trust in the borrower's ability to repay. The choice between the two often depends on the borrower's financial situation and the purpose of the loan.

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Machine Finance has a reputation amongst banks for preparing detailed finance applications which outline your business and its growth objectives accurately. Experts on our niche, we transact higher-than-average deal sizes which attracts premium interest rates and support.